About Us

Ever-Evolving Solutions is a community outreach and advocacy non-profit organization that help develop urban and under privilege communities by supplying the neighborhoods and communities with the resources needed. We also teach, train and empower churches and non- profit organizations how to reach they’re communities within its neighborhoods, by Informing, educating and empowering life skills, business management, creating family wholeness, health and wellness. We host community events for the neighborhoods and communities to get organizations involved within their communities.

We offer workshops, training, seminar’s, coaching, strategic planning, leadership development, legal aid, marketing and advertising.

Mission-To impact, implement, and develop stronger neighborhoods and communities and to raise the awareness of community involvement by teaching and training non-profit organization and business within the local neighborhoods community engagement .


To help produce change and bridge unity amongst residents,organization’s and business, evoke community engagement and prosper in meeting all needs.


  • Host active community involvement activities
  • Build lasting partnerships with local businesses and organizations
  • Teach, educate, train, and empower residents with workshop & seminar’s
  • Develop and build stronger communities and neighborhoods
  • Provide resources for the communities and organization’s and business
  • Assist with developing family wholeness