• Outreach training – certificate included
  • Market and advertise your services or events
  • Community engagement & development training- certificate included
  • Branding coaching

  • Host town halls meetings
  • Facilitate Workshops/ seminar’s
  • Business start up
  • Legal services

  • Life coaching, business coaching
  • Leadership development training- Certificate included
  • Assistance in event hosting and planning for a community activity


Ever-Evolving Solutions strives to help all age groups within the community by supplying resources needed within the community. Ever-Evolving Solutions strives to reach all adults, youth all the way our seniors creating family wholeness.

Community Target

  • Pre-school Youth (ages 1-4)
  • Elementary/Middle School Youth (ages 5-13)
  • Teens (ages 14-18)
  • Seniors (60+)
  • Youth with disabilities
  • Families
  • Adults (18-59)

Community Day: Is designed to provide the community with a variety of activities, entertainment, and helpful information in the areas of health services, financial planning, etc.

Housing Services: Provides a wide range of housing assistance from homelessness help to rental assistance and homeownership programs.

Home-Ownership Counseling:  Provides advice on buying a home, defaults, foreclosures, and credit issues.

Credit Counseling: Provides advice on managing money, offers solutions to your current financial problems, and can help develop a personalized plan to help you prevent future difficulties.

Home Maintenance Training: Provides information for various home maintenance training programs in the areas of sheetrock replacement/repair, taping/spackling & painting, plumbing repair, electrical safety, ceramic tile layout, etc.

Housing Construction and Rehabilitation: Provides information and contacts for individuals and companies who specialize in the areas of repair, alterations, additions, while preserving those portions of features that have been determined to be important to architectural values.

Housing Development: Provides services in: Offering trainings to tenants and Board members, coordinate with the building’s management companies, the City, lenders and other entities, Provide ongoing assistance by working with Board members and attending meetings to help them make informed decisions about their buildings, Meet with tenant associations to educate residents on how to run their buildings, attend board workshops with representatives of multiple buildings to focus on common issues they face, such as supervision of management companies, business policies, personnel issues, budgeting, and landlord/tenant issues.

Rehabilitation: Provides the tools that communities need to re-establish themselves and restore their privileges.

Economic Development: Provides the skills necessary to improve economic development which encompasses both growth and welfare values.

Employment Training: Parthner and resources

Job link services: Job link services are designed to

Social Services: Provide resources

Drug and Alcohol Counseling: Provided sources

Social Service Coordinator: Provide resources

Adult Education: Provide resources

Education Support: Provide resources

Mentoring Program: partners and resources

Partners, Programs & Services

Ever-Evolving Solutions partners with churches, non-profit organizations and businesses who wants to become community Outreach involved.